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Vehicle Tracker (Vehicle Positioning) is a device that is installed inside your car and sends you a car instantaneously using the GPS system. You can use the site or mobile software to view the current position or, for up to three months, the car on the map. The speed of the car, the amount of stops in each place, the time of the journey ... all are visible on the map.

The Microlink Machine Detector is a great tool for taxi telephone companies, factory owners, public transport fleet managers, and business owners alike with transport systems, and vehicle owners and vehicle owners are in control of their covered cars. Made

Another use of the Microlink Machine Tracker is to assist parents in controlling their children's travel and protect them whenever necessary.
If your vehicle is stolen, at the same time, the car will call you and notify you when a warning is issued, or if the car is switched off without a start (in silent mode) by calling the alert You will receive. If at any moment you want to control your car's position for any reason, just visit the website or via the mobile app or SMS and see the car's location. Microlino car detector in addition to the web system, has an iOS app and Android.

Remote 315 or 433 No
Security System No
Security System Output Input No
Settings via Bluetooth Yes
online tracker Yes
offline tracker Yes
Tracker With SMS Yes
Microphone Yes
Report Web,Windows,Android,Ios
Cut off Car No
Secure Park Yes
Disturbing sensor No
Battery backup Yes
Duration of battery charge 8 hours to a week
Update with Internet Yes
Weight 30g
Dimensions 2*6*4.5 cm
Sensors No
Input and Outbound Circles Multiple

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tracker microlino hx4

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